Owen Reid


Raised under the iron fist of the Federation, Owen always longed for freedom. From a young age, he’d always wanted to be a pilot and worked very hard to make sure he had the grades to make his dream happen. His mother, raising him by herself, gave him all the support he needed and did everything she could to ensure he would make it into the pilot’s program. Before it was revealed where he would be placed, she took him aside and gave him a box that carried all of his father’s possessions. Inside was a journal that detailed where his father had gone before he disappeared. Owen decided then that he would search for his father, and find out what had happened to him, to ease his mother’s mind as much as his own.

Near the end of his 17th year, he got what he’d always wanted and was accepted into the pilot’s training program. It came with a price; However, as his best friend Claire had killed herself in order to try and protect him. His time in training became a grind, and he began to lose his drive until he was stationed on the Odyssey as an Exodus Pilot and he was awakened to a pleasant, though strange, surprise. Claire appeared before him, as a hologram, and revealed that she had made this AI so he could always have a reminder of her. He soon after revealed how he had always felt to her, believing her to be an awakened AI, and therefore having emotions. They began a romance and he was happy for a time. He soon began to realize that things in the Federation weren’t as he always had thought they were. He began to realize that he would need to leave in order to find his father. When the Federation attempted to find Claire’s program, he devised a plan to escape. With the help of his best friend Bryce, who became a fabricator, the three managed to escape by stealing an Exodus and enough supplies to last their journey away. They heard a message from a group called “The Family” near where his father had been, and thought they should check there.

During their journey to the Family, they picked up an S.O.S. from a nearby planet and went to investigate, they came upon a crashed ship and inside were two people, a dead humanoid with antlers coming from his forehead, and a young woman of the same appearance. They brought the woman aboard to see if they could wake her. They discovered she was also heading for the Family and set out. She woke a few days later and introduced herself as Lyra. During the remainder of their travels, they began to befriend Lyra, but soon discovered that she left her home planet because she killed someone. Rather than make her leave, they questioned her and discovered she had done it to protect herself. They told her that she was always welcome here and they wouldn’t make her leave.

When they arrived at the Europa Station, they set out to find his father and learned that he was on the moon’s surface. He’d been there for years, working as an Energy Harvester. They got passes to head down there and Owen went with Claire to meet his father, leaving Bryce and Lyra alone.

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Owen Reid

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